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Native English speaking teachers, who wish to apply for teaching posts, please contact


Agnieszka Heintze

Director of Studies/Centre Exams Manager

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The office is open from Monday to Friday between 2.00 and 8.00 p.m.



The school

Angloschool is a well established private language school in Warsaw, Poland. The school was founded in 1991 as one of the first private language schools and since then it has grown to become a well known and one of major  language schools in Warsaw. Angloschool runs three centres with the number of students exceeding 800. We employ 20 EFL teachers and Centre Administrative Staff. In the year 2003 the school was ranked 1st amongst Warsaw language schools and 3rd in Poland in Newsweek Poland magazine survey.


In 2009, we became a Cambridge Assessment English Examination Centre for YLE, A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency, being one of the three Examination Centres in Warsaw. We have also been a member of EAQUALS (The European Association for Quality Language Services) and of PASE (the Polish Association of Standards in English). In February 2010 we underwent a Ministry of Education inspection, acquiring their Accreditation.


Angloschool provides high quality English language tuition to students of different age groups; children (5+), teenagers, young adults and adults, in all levels from beginners to proficiency (we prepare our students for Cambridge Assessment English examinations). The policy of the school was founded upon principles of professionalism and a friendly co-operation. Our aim is to create a model of optimally effective English language teaching in a private language school environment aiming to meet the highest achievable standards of excellence.


In 2014 we embarked on a project of the Primary Academy based on CLIL (Content  and Integrated Language Learning). We teach maths and science to primary students aged 5 to 12. The program integrates  the teaching of  English and maths and science topics. This part of the work involves teaching in primary schools and is mainly in the mornings.


Our Offer


We offer teaching both in the Primary Academy and the Language school. Most teachers have a 3-4 day weekly schedule in the Primary Academy and 1-2  teaching afternoons and evenings in our language school. The blended offer provides an opportunity to develop both in the area of CLIL – based teaching in a primary school environment and further practise in  EFL ( especially in the  Cambridge exam area ) in a language school. Yet there are teachers who choose only one of the options and teach only in the Primary Academy or our language school. The Angloschool courses begin on the 16th  September, therefore teachers who teach only in our language school have contracts starting on the 16th  .We offer a separate induction training for Angloschool language school staff , who do not work in the Primary Academy. The training will take place in mid September.


Our Staff

The Angloschool Staff are  both Native Speakers  and Polish teachers , An Exams Team Leader ,  three Directors of Study and Centre Managers/ Assistants. All staff are fully qualified.

The Polish teachers and Centre Managers are graduates of the English Philology and Teacher Training Colleges. The Native teachers have CELTA or TEFL and B.A. or M.A. diploma .

 All teachers closely co-operate with each other and enjoy working in a friendly and professional environment.

Directors of Study provide methodological guidance, conduct training sessions and meetings.

There is a Centre Manager/Assistant in every centre who provides guidance for the teachers and  supervises the administrative functioning of the centre.

The Language Programme

The Method

The Method is based on the assumptions of the Communicative Approach combined with the Dual Co-Teaching System®.

The guiding principles of the teaching are as follows:

  • creating a language rich environment with a maximum exposure to the target language
  • introducing communication oriented tasks providing opportunity of real life use of the target language
  • motivating and encouraging students by providing success oriented tasks and positive feedback, therefore developing confidence in the students’ ability to use the target language
  • providing feedback that is both on-going and formative
  • incorporating task-based activities and creating problem-solving contexts allowing for active participation in the lesson
  • creating a supportive environment allowing students to take risk and make errors
  • adjusting teaching techniques to the students’ level of cognitive and linguistic development
  • being aware of and sensitive to students’ diversity (special needs)


 The Co-Teaching System is a programme whereby two co-teachers, a Polish and a native speaker teach each group. The Polish teacher focuses mainly on introducing vocabulary and grammar (those aspects of the language which may require translation and explanations in Polish). The Native teacher’s programme puts emphasis on communication and fluency work yet it includes other language items (e.g. writing, vocabulary). Division of the programme between teachers is adjusted to the level and age group of the students.

All teachers receive a teaching programme for each group which includes description of the level, the scheme of work (division of the material of the textbook and supplementary materials) and the testing scheme. Lessons are based on a course book yet we also include a wide range of supplementary materials. In the curriculum we include half term and final tests.

We keep files of students work, their progress and attendance. Therefore, teachers fill in the registers and semester group reports. At the end of the school year both teachers conduct final tests and fill in certificate of attendance for students.  

Teacher Induction and Methodological Guidance

We offer an in-house teacher development programme which includes a 16 – 20 hour Induction Training in August  and seminars/workshops throughout the school year. The Induction Training is designed for new staff members  and focuses on an introduction to the school and teaching programmes, course  types, CLIL,   Cambridge exams , safety,  the dual system and major methodological issues related to the teaching . The weekly  Induction training this year  begins on the 10th of September. 

All meetings and training sessions are obligatory. Our teachers receive guidelines and support from Directors of Studies or Centre Managers throughout the school year.

There are monthly meetings of Angloschool staff when current issues are discussed.

Teachers are encouraged to participate actively in discussions and to conduct workshops. Moreover, we promote peer observations and supportive co-operation between teachers.

The Students

We teach children (from the age of 5), primary school students   (ages 6 to 12), teenagers and adults. Young learners  are the biggest age group in the school.

Our Primary Academy are students are classes 1 -6 . The class sizes are up to 18 students .

In our language school all students are enrolled on the basis of placement tests. We offer a wide range of course types for different age groups of young learners (5-6 year-olds, 7-9 year-olds, 10-12 year-olds.) The groups are small: 5 - 11 students depending on the type of group. We offer General English courses, ESP courses (Business English) and for more advanced students Cambridge Examination courses (B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency). For younger students we offer YLE – Cambridge Young Learners’ Exams (7-12 years old), A2 Key and B1 Preliminary.


Teachers’ Resource Materials

Teachers are provided with all teaching materials . Each centre offers a  teachers' resource library  with a wide range of teaching aids, supplementary textbooks, cds , films, grammar books, dictionaries , reference books and a xero copiers . In the three centres we have interactive whiteboards. We use online registers where we keep record of work.


The Classrooms

The classrooms both in Angloschool and the Primary Academy schools   are modern and  very well  equipped . There are  wide screen tvs and vcr’s , interactive whiteboards  and cd players in every classroom as well as WiFi access. The tables are  usually arranged in an L-shape or in semi-circles. Our language school has  classrooms for our youngest students with small tables and chairs, a carpet, toys, games, etc.  We also use whiteboards.



Courses run from Monday to Friday. The lessons are between 3.00 – 8.30 p.m. in the language school.  There are also morning classes (8.30 - 10.00 am) twice a week. The standard length of lessons are as follows:

children (5 – 13) – 50 minute units

teenagers (13 – 16) – 60 minute units

young adults/ adults – 80 minute units. 

Primary Academy classes  - 45 minute units,  are mainly in the mornings between 8.00 and 5.00 pm. The daily Primary Academy schedule includes usually 4 – 6 lessons. In some schools teachers supervise children during the breakes.


Teaching Timetable

The contract includes up to  21 teaching hours weekly (21 x 60 minutes) .The lessons are 45 minute long in the Primary Academy. The length of lessons in the language school varies from 50 to 80 depending on the type of the course. Within the weekly  teaching hours  there are  regular lessons in the Primary Academy or in the language school ,  additional classes (e.g. conversational classes for adults, kids clubs for young learners ) and one to one classes. The supervision hours in the Primary Academy schools are included in the weekly schedule.


Example of possible day schedule


15:30- 16:20                children

16.30 – 17.20              children          

17.30 – 18.30              teenagers        

18.50 – 20.10              adults             

120 minutes – standby (conversational classes, kids’ club, individual lessons etc.)

The contract

We sign one year renewable contracts (two semesters) starting on the 1st of September and expiring at the end of June. Teachers are expected to arrive in mid-August  for the Induction Training Course . Teachers are paid monthly. While all payments are made at the end of each month, advances can be requested.

Teachers arriving at a later date begin the contract upon the arrival and end at the end of June.

We offer a competitive local salary. It allows for a good standard of living in Poland and for entertainment and travel.

We register all teachers in the Educational Department and we provide all documents  for visa and employment purposes in Poland.  

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance (state + private) is offered and its costs are covered by the school. The insurance does not include dental care.


Teachers are offered paid holidays during the period of the contract . There are three longer holidays: in December for Christmas ( 10 – 14 days), in February ( a two-week winter holidays) and 5 days  for Easter. There are also  several longer  weekend state holidays during the school year . We provide a school yearly calendar with all dates.

The school organises additional events for students on Saturdays hence teachers may have two working Saturdays per semester.


Accommodation is provided by the school. We offer two or three - room shared flats.

The flats are located close to the city centre and near the schools. Accommodation includes all facilities i.e. furniture, a phone, cable TV, a washing machine, kitchen with necessary equipment. Teachers who do not use the school accommodation receive  monthly a reimbursement as an equivalent of the cost of accommodation.

Public transport in Warsaw is well organized. We have the metro, buses and trams. The flats are close to the main routes of the public transport. 


Applying for a teaching position
§  please email a copy of your current CV, a copy of your diploma and CELTA (or equivalent) certificate and a passport – sized photograph
  • provide the name of a referee or a letter of reference
  • please fill in and send back a questionnaire we send you
 Qualifications: CELTA (or equivalent) and a university degree.
We seek for communicative, open, creative and friendly candidates willing to face the challenge of working in a demanding yet allowing for professional development environment.
Experience in teaching young learners is a valuable asset.

Angielski Polska